Solar Strobe Alert & Siren for

High Tech GSM Cellular Wireless Alarm

(Requires SIM) or Controller

Solar Siren

GSM Wireless Solar Strobe
SMS, Android or iOS APP & Remote Controller management $99.95
▪ Current Consumption: ≤16mA,dynamic≤ 220mA
▪ Rechargable battery,
4400mA, 3.7V
▪ Solar Charging Current:330mA
▪ Continuous cloudy standby time: 10days
▪ 868Mhz / 433Mhz, >150meter
▪ Alarm Volume: 105db
▪ Working with more than 20 sensors
▪ ARM, DISARM and SOS by Remote Controller

▪ Indoor with AC adaptor and Outdoor Solar
Wireless Solar Strobe $79.95
Triggered by Wireless Control Panel above or wireless sensors

(Pricing quoted when bought with system Otherwise $129.95 & $149.95)


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