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Stand-Alone GSM Alarm & Alarm Back-Up,  Alarm Activation Alert via SMS, "Remote View" via GSM CCTV and "Remote Control"


GSM Alarm Dialer & Listen-in


Newest addition to our line? A remarkable GSM Dialer with Listen-in Read about it


Want to REPLACE YOUR LANDLINE for the Alarm System Control Box and go Cellular?


CDMA for Verizon $560 Click Here GSM for AT&T/T-Mobile $460 (plus service) Called "Janus 15" or "POTS Swap" (Made in USA)






Wireless Alarm Systems with remarkable features & App Access


DIY Plug n' Play (or Installers Available Worldwide)


Landline (POTS/PSTN) or IP & WiFi or Cellular GSM/GPRS SMS & 3G (Requires SIM with Data)

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CPX Wireless Alarm Controller 30 Zones 


▪ WIFI/GPRS/SMS + 3G (GSM) Alarm System
▪ Programmable 96 wireless devices
▪ 2.4" LCD Display for menu operation
▪ Android + IOS APP Control by remote Smartphone
▪ IP Camera for on site surveillance
▪ 100pcs smart socket/wireless relay output
▪ Supports RFID wireless keypad and Tags
▪ Zone names are revisable
▪ Each zone programmable to independent zone
▪ Supports outbound call to 5 phone numbers
▪ Alarm Alert: via Siren, Phone Call or SMS
▪ Home Mode: Arm, Away Arm, Exit/Entry delay
▪ 20s Announcement message-access remotely in APP
▪ Supports "Spot Monitoring" and "Two-Way Intercom (where legal)
▪ SMS for Power-off, power failure, low battery, recovery, Arm and Disarm
▪ Built-in SIREN, speaker and microphone
▪ Built-in 3.V 500mA Li-ion Rechargable Battery for 36 hours backup
▪ Door Bell Function
▪ Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ


99 Zone/Device Control Box $99.95 or LCD Touch 30-Zone $149.95


▪ Programmable 30 wireless and 4 Wired zones
▪ Support Android and Iphone APP via Remote SmartPhone
▪ Touch keypad and LCD display
▪ Support Max 8 keyfobs/wireless keypads,
▪ Support 5 phone numbers and 1 CMS number
▪ Alarm Alert via Siren, phone call, SMS
▪ Home Mode: Arm, Away Arm, Exit/Entry delay
▪ Voice memo recordable (10 seconds)
Telephone function and Temperature Display &▪ 100 event log
▪ SMS for Power-off, power failure, low battery, recovery, Arm and Disarm
Compatible with Contact ID
▪ Built-in SIREN, speaker and microphone
▪ Built-in 3.7V 800mA Li-ion rechargable battery for 8 hours backup
▪ 1 Zone Relay output for light or alarm input of IP camera
▪ White/Black case selectable
▪ Dimension: 18cm*13cm*2.4cm


 Watch the Video (Google Docs)



Wireless 433mhz Smoke Detector          Solar (Wireless) Siren            Panic Button (Wrist)      Wireless PIR (Indoor)      Wireless KeyPad               Wireless Door Sensor            Siren  Remote Controller 

Smoke Detector     Solar Strobe & Siren     Panic Alarm Wrist  Wireless PIR  remote Control Pad     Door/Window Contact   Siren Wireless Control   


4G Remote Control



IP Wireless Camera for HT GSM ALarm  IP Camera for GSM GPRS 3G SystemIP GSM WiFI 3G Camera


IP & WiFi Camera $79.95


▪ Chip Processor: GM8135S-QC
▪ P2P cloud technology, plug and play,mobile surveillance via SmartPhone
▪ Compression Standard: H.264, AVI Main Profile
▪ Image sensor: 1/4 " 1 mega pixels OV9712 CMOS image sensor 3.6mm/F1.6
▪ Support agreement: 64CH alarm inputs, 1CH alarm output,

Image E-mail / FTP upload video (optional)
▪ Image Frame Rate:25/30fps 1MP:1280*720, D1:640*480, CIF:320*240 optional
▪ Support protocols:Supports TCP / IP, RTSP, ONVIF, P2P and other protocols
▪ Built-in wireless WIFI module, support for 802.11b / g / n wireless mode
▪ Dynamic domain name:Own dynamic domain name
▪ Two-Way Audio, built-in microphone and speakers, super loud and clear (use where legal)
▪ Storage:TF card storage, maximum support 32G
▪ Night vision:Using IR CUT dual filter, automatic switching day and night,10 Φ
2mm LED lights, the longest night vision distance of 10 meters
▪ Wireless Alarm:Optional
Mobile monitoring:IOS,Android


Watch the VIDEO (mp4) showing use of the Camera


2-Beam Solar Detector PIR 

2-Beam Detector


2 beams 10m Outdoors $124.95
▪ 433Mhz Transmission Frequency
▪ Solar powered 2-Beams Detector
▪ Transmitting distance: ≥100M (in open area)
▪ Infrared wavelenth: 940nm ± 20nm
▪ LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery
▪ Battery: TX, 500mAh, RX 1000mAh
▪ Static working current:TX, RX ≤0.5mA
▪ Dimension:340×84×45(mm)
2 beams 30m Outdoors $124.95
2 beams 60m Outdoors $149.95
2 beams 100m Outdoors $149.95


Solar PIR (Wireless)

 Wireless Outdoor System or Stand-Alone Motion Sensor (with Indoor Receiver) with Solar


Wireless Outdoor PIR
Pet Immunity up to 25kg
2 PIRs Sensors
$199.95 Independent System or $149.95 with Alarm Interface
▪ Transmission distance: ≥100M/300ft (in open area)
▪ Detection distance:12m/36ft
▪ Detection angle:110°
▪ Auto temperature compensation
▪ Pulse count adjustment
▪ Special lens anti UV to reduce false alarm
▪ 9-15 VDC power input
▪ Rechargable 800mA Lithium AAA Battery, 3pcs


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Wireless Alarm System (WiFi, GSM Cellular, Landline)
System Controller, Devices

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Airlink Solar 4G Camera with Voice Announcer


Airlink 4G Solar Camera with Voice Announcer



SIM PAL G4 Snapshot (5) Camera


SIM PAL G4 (3G GSM) Snap Shot Camera



Jablotron GSM Quad Camera & Alarm System


GSM Cameras: 2G (USA) 3G (Global) 3G Snapshot, 4G (Global)





Skorpion Beams: Wired, Wireless, Photo, PIR, Pattern Laser, Long-Range Laser



ALARM Interface via GSM Alarm Signaling with up to 8/12 Inputs and 2 Outputs


Notification via Text, eMail, "Free" Call, Twitter with Remote Control Software (Not Included)


Mobi-Control GSM Interface Alert with eMail, Text or Twitter


Single Input (Non-Americas 900/1800mhz) $249-$349 plus shipping from UK Read more here


8/12 Input & 2 Output (Global GSM Quad Band) Retails $799 NOW ON SALE $599.95 plus shipping from UK Read more here


SMS Text & Remote Notification

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Fence Intrusion: String  RAZR-FENCE Coax throughout the fencing for Motion Detection.  (There are HardWire, Vibration & Microphonic techniques)


RAZR-FLEX Fence Perimeter Protection


   Fence Sensor-Analyzer  Control Unit                                                           Main Program, PC Controller & Alarm Box Interface


Alarm options         Perimeter Alarms    Pool & Driveway   Access Control (Apartments, Building, Parking) Closed Circuit TV  Lorex Wireless


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