Perimeter Protection via Fence Cabling Sensors from

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Aerial View (Dakota)

[Both Microphonic, Direct-Coax Cable or Vibration-based]


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Above NEW document link opens in DocHub with pricing, low as $2.50+ a running foot, $11,250 for 1500m or 4500 ft plus shipping


Package Combo includes all parts needed, Controllers, Ties, Cabling (Plus Shipping, based on weight)

You can install this, it is mostly DIY & 'Plug n Play', as labor is mostly stringing cable through the Fence.
Power, Accessories, Interfaces may require a local Electrician.

250ft @ $5.00 ea. = $1,250.00
500ft @ $4.00 ea. = $2,000.00
750ft @ $3.50 ea. =  $2,625.00

1000ft @ $3.25 ea. = $3,250.00
1500ft @ $3.00 ea. = $4,500.00
2500ft @ $2.75 ea. = $6,875.00

3000ft @ $2.65 ea. = $7,950.00
4500ft @ $2.50 ea. = $11,250.00

Credit Card or PayPal (7-10 days ARO or less). FACTORY TO YOUR DOOR.

We take 20 Currencies !

Complete Kit with Zone Controllers (by length)


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